Monday, April 13, 2009

Itchy Passport, Must Travel...

After spending the last 8 months landlocked in the middle of the Deep South (random Canadian date weekends not included), my passport is getting itchy for an adventure.  Ever the resourceful girl, this Gypsy has managed to parlay her educational exploits into a 2 month European adventure.  Thanks to the generosity of Cousin Annie (see Week One of Camino '08), I will recover from my first year of law school, slash, knock out the note for journal write-on in the comfort of her delightful German home. After (hopefully!) some gallivanting in Amsterdam and Bruges to celebrate the true end of all things 1L, the Gypsy will be off on her first Italian Adventure - 6 weeks of International Law on the Venitian Grand Canal.  It almost makes outlining for next week's Property exam exciting.  Or not.

Fortunately, I'm busy enough with finals prep not to have time to spend all day mooning over the weekend trips to be taken, new people to meet, and food to consume.  And then there's the apartment I still have to pack up and put into storage...

But I digress.  The Gypsy is currently accepting suggestions of places to go and people to see during Tour de Force '09 (thanks for the name idea, KMC).  Prague, Florence, Positano, Stockholm, and a beach on the Dalmatian Coast are on the current short list of must-sees.  Anywhere EasyJet or RyanAir travels, I am game to go. Even better, I have a totally bitchin' new camera, and will be travelling with the laptop, so inquiring minds won't have to wait until July 4th weekend to see pictures of the Gypsy's exploits.

Only 3 weeks 'til Frankfurt... Until then, pray that I don't lose my mind somewhere in the Coase Theorem.  

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