Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Armed Paper Hanger...

It's Tuesday night.  Friday, I have my last final in Crim.  Saturday, I'm spending sunup to sundown at the Kentucky Derby. Sunday morning, I leave Nashville for the summer.  I'm supposed to put the contents of my apartment in storage before then.  And we neutered the dog today.  So with all the madness going on around me, what am I doing? Reading about pig flu and looking for a place to get a massage when I get to Boston. I'm incorrigible.

What's the Gypsy excited about today that's keeping her from the more pressing issues in life? I realized in the middle of my Con Law final today that I'm ACTUALLY almost done with my first year of law school.  It's been the shortest and longest year of my life.  I feel like I just got to Nashville a couple of months ago.  But I've loved living here so far, minus the initial culture shock of being back in the South.  Things move a little slower, people are a little nicer (to your face), everyone drives 5 miles an hour under the speed limit...  

There are fabulous things like barbeque sauce and sweet potato fries at 3am, sundresses for football games - a tradition I will never, ever get used to, but am happy to facetiously participate in - and enough Jim Beam to float the city.  People are a little more grateful for small blessings, and small children have manners.  There's sweet tea, Sunday church, and country music.  It reminds me a little of where I'm from, but more of where I want to be. 

Nashville, I think I like you just as much as I knew I would.  Thanks for a fabulous year.

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